Review of robot manipulators. Manipulator kinematics (forward and inverse), Singular value decomposition and manipulation ability. Redundant manipulators, Euler-Lagrange/ Newton Euler dynamics of serial manipulators. Linear control , PD, PID control. Control of flexible joint robots. Singularity and workspace analysis. Introduction to manipulator design and optimization.

Course plan

I. Introduction to robotics and automation, Matrix operations and transformations, Rotation and homogenous transformations, Work volumes of robots , DH parameters (6 Hrs)

II. Forward kinematics, Inverse kinematics (6 hrs)

III. Singular value decomposition and generalized solutions to non square matrix inversion (4 hrs)

IV. Redundancy resolution and optimization in robotics , manipulability ellipsoids (4 hrs)

V. Dynamics of robotic systems, Euler-Lagrangian dynamics, Newton Euler dynamics, Identification of dynamics parameters (6 hrs)

VI. Revision of control basics, PD controller design, PID controller design, Impedance control, hybrid control (6 hrs)

VII. State feedback, Drive train dynamics, Control of flexible joint robotic systems, Force control, stability (3 hrs)

VIII. Multi finger Grasping, Walking mechanisms, motion planning (5 hrs)

IX. Optimization in robotic systems, industrial applications (2 hrs)