Dynamics of Rotating Machinary




3L-0T-0L-0D [9 Credits]


Course Contents:

Rotor-bearing interaction. Flexural vibration, critical speeds of shafts, Effects of anisotropic bearings, unbalanced response of an assymetric shaft. Gyroscopic effects. Aerodynamic effects. Equivalent discrete system. Geared and branched systems. Fluid film bearings: Steady state characteristics of bearings. Rigid and flexible rotor balancing. Measurement techniques.

Lecturewise Breakup:(number of 55 mins lectures in brackets)

Introduction [1]
Review of Vibrations [3]
Modelling and Bending Critical Speeds of Rotors [2]
Whirling Phenomenon
Rigid rotors in rigid supports
Flexible rotors in rigid supports
Flexible rotors in flexible supports
Rolling Element Bearings [2]
Contact Forces
Deformations, Stiffness and Damping
Hydrodynamic Bearings [4]
Mechanism of Pressure Development in a Fluid Film
Reynold's Equation
Steady State Solution for Short Bearing
Dynamically loaded bearings and stiffness and damping coefficients
Squeeze Film Bearing
Squeeze Film Bearing and Orbital Motion
Matrix Methods [4]
Field and Point Matrices
Out of balance response of rotors with rigid end supports
Rotors with overhangs
Unbalance response by FEM
Torsional Vibration of Rotors [4]
Modelling and transfer matrix analysis for free vibrations
Variable Stiffness in Torsional Vibrations
Excitation torques and transient response
Branched and Geared Systems
Torsional vibrations in reciprocating machinery
Higher order effects and Stability [12]
Hill's Equation, Mathieu's Equation, Strutt Diagram
Routh Hurwitz criterion
Shafts with dissimilar moments of inertia
Effects of Gravity
Internal Hysteresis of Shafts
Rigid Rotor Instability
Instability of rotors mounted in fluid film bearings
Instability of flexible rotors
Instability due to negative cross-coupling
Instability in torsional vibrations
Gyroscopic Effects
Rotor Balancing [4]
Classification of Rotors
Rigid rotor balancing
Flexible rotor balancing
Monitoring and Diagnosis [4]
Faults in rotating machinery
Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
Time and Frequency domain characteristics
Knowledge base and expert systems


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