Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (KanGAL) is a research laboratory at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur dedicated to pursuing research and industrial collaboration in the areas of genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic controllers, bioinformatics and neural networks. Fundamental research and application to engineering problems are primary focus of KanGAL.

KanGAL was established in 1997. Since then the lab has produced a number of doctoral theses and masters theses related to genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic controllers, and neural networks. A number of undergraduate students have also been trained in these areas. Besides fundamental research, KanGAL is also active in collaborating with industries and is particularly interested in using soft computing techniques for industrial problem solving.

Every year, KanGAL arranges short courses on soft computing methods for engineers from industries and teachers from academic institutions. Click here for what's new at KanGAL and for information about future courses to be organized by KanGAL. KanGAL also organizes weekly seminars on various topics of computation. Click here for information about upcoming seminars.

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Eighth International Conference on SIMULATED EVOLUTION AND LEARNING (SEAL-2010) will be held at IIT Kanpur during 01-04 December 2010. For more information, please visit SEAL-2010 website.