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Sunday 11th July 2021 @04:00 PM
Event: Webisodes
Topic: Structured Problem Solving in Product Management
Speaker: Ms. Jaya Jha


Quick fixes don't solve the problem at hand always as we may overlook the root cause of the problem itself. The solution for this is structured problem solving, which can address almost any complex business or public policy challenge. A good product manager can solve the right problem and also solve the problem right. They should resist the urge to dive headfirst into solution-finding and instead adopt the problem-first mindset involving structured problem-solving

To know more about this, MBA IIT Kanpur is excited to welcome Ms. Jaya Jha, CPO - Chief Product Officer, MoEVing, for the 9th episode of K-aleidoscope to discuss the topic: 'Structured Problem Solving in Product Management'.

Ms. Jaya is a seasoned product management professional and an entrepreneur. She has co-founded, worked in the social sector and at startups like Meesho and Bright Money, and consulted with companies like Property Guru (SG) and many startups. She also runs The Practical PM, which distills her product management experience for companies and individuals through content and consultancy.