Industry Speaker Series-K-aleidoscope

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Saturday 20th Nov 2021 @11:00 AM
Event: K-aleidoscope
Topic: Potential to Performance - are you ready?
Speaker: Mr. Ashok Ramachandran
Meeting ID: 933 0825 5455
Passcode: 973308
Note: Attendance is mandatory for all MBA students. If you cannot attend for some reason, please drop a mail to along with the reason.



Mr. Ashok has over 15+ years of varied experience, from leading businesses in mature markets to fast-growing developing markets. His significant contributions to Schindler India's business have been his singular focus on people & culture – cornerstones of diversity, inclusion & youth in an attempt to disrupt a traditional industrial equipment manufacturing industry with path-breaking ideas & energy. He played a crucial role in business turnaround successes in Vietnam & Malaysia. Few of his achievements include developing and coaching talents, creating and driving strategy, sales management, end to end successful P & L Management, and achieving results in diverse markets and environments.

Saturday 9th Oct 2021 @02:00 PM
Event: Prabandhan'21 Keynote session 2
Topic: How to Approach a Career in Product Management
Speaker: Mr. Ankit Bareja and Mr. Kushaal Devanahalli


With the momentary needs and requirements of the contemporary age, businesses find developing the correct mix of products strenuous. Product Management assists in positioning and pitching new ideas for feature development with the intersection of technology and business. Navigating the varied interests of users with strategic development, continual support, and improvement has remodeled traditional practices to a New Product Development concept that caters everything from copy to pricing in building go-to-market strategies. The separation of tactical elements such as scheduling and managing workloads from project managers aids the creation of a product roadmap for thriving markets. To deep-dive more into this topic, Prabandhan - MBA, IIT Kanpur is glad to welcome Mr. Kushaal Devanahalli and Mr. Ankit Bareja for the keynote session to discuss the topic: 'How to approach a career in Product Management.'

Mr. Kushaal Devanahalli is Co-Founder of PM School & Senior Product Manager at Get My Parking. He is a graduate from IIT Bombay and has experience of ten years in Product Management with multiple innovative, high technology startups that covered both B2B and B2C products.

Mr. Ankit Bareja is also Co-Founder of PM School. He graduated from BITS Pilani and has ten years of experience in product management, including the Director of Product at Shop101. He is a specialist in building teams for product management and analyzing products.

Friday 8th Oct 2021 @09:00 AM
Event: Prabandhan'21 inauguration event
Topic: The Business of Climate Change
Speaker: Mr. Ashish Sethia


The clock is ticking on global warming, making climate change the defining crisis for the current and future generations. Ensuring optimal global temperatures would require massive transitions across all sectors of the economy - energy, transport, manufacturing, and agriculture - supported by financial markets and digital technologies. Climate is now central to companies and climate change has transformed from just being a corporate social responsibility to being a business problem. Businesses are being propelled to transform their risk management along with the governance and organizational metrics. From an investment standpoint, climate too is more central now with the advent of ESG funds. Investors now incorporate ESG data in their investment process to better evaluate the companies they want to invest in. In the domestic context, ESG has seen a rise in popularity with a surge of 76% of inflows in the ESG mutual funds schemes in 2021. MBA, IIT Kanpur is privileged to have Mr. Ashish Sethia, Global Head of Commodities, BloombergNEF, as a keynote speaker to discuss the topic: ‘The Business of Climate Change.’

Mr. Ashish Sethia, an MBA, IIT Kanpur alumnus, has a decade and a half of experience in creating and leading multiple services and product businesses in the energy, commodities, renewables, and utility sectors. Before joining Bloomberg, he worked at business consulting and technology firms and led capital budgeting, business process re-engineering, and digital technology projects in the energy sector globally. Based out of Houston, he leads a group of experts globally working on net-zero emission pathways to counter climate change. Through the years, Ashish has spoken at leading forums such as the World Future Energy Summit, World Energy Leaders’ Summit, and the Clean Energy Ministerial hosted dialogues with G-20 ministers and given inputs to the works of the World Economic Forum and the World Energy Council.