Dr. Jayanta Chatterjee




Department of Industrial Management and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 208016, India     
Email: jayanta@iitk.ac.in
Phone:  91-512-2597858 (O), 91-512-2597376(O)  91-512-2597553(Fax)

Areas of Interest:
    • Managing High Technology.
    • Services marketing and Service strategies.
    • Knowledge & Innovation management.
    • Developing & managing Intellectual assets.
    • Developing strategic flexibility.
    • Product Management.


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Career Summary

Dr. Jayanta Chatterjee is a renowned practitioner with rigorous academic involvement. He has ten years of Management teaching experience and 30 years of  management  experience in different countries. Starting with Siemens as a Sales Engineer in India (1972) he went on to pioneer the introduction of programmable  control & advanced power electronics systems at Allen-Bradley India (A Rockwell Joint Venture with Crompton Greaves), where he rose to the position of President & CEO in 1990. During his tenure the India operation saw spectacular growth and became a dominant player in the Enterprise Automation market of the region. Jayanta was nominated for Rockwell global awards during 1993, 94 & 95. He was chosen as the 'Manager of the Year' by Delhi Management Association in 1994. He was in the lead group of Rockwell Country managers in the Asia Pacific Council. He helped to setup new operations and assisted merger & acquisition projects in Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries of the region. Simultaneously he continued to pursue his research interests in strategic management of technology and marketing.

In 1996, Chatterjee was promoted to Rockwell International (Costa Mesa, California) as the Executive Director for  technology and business development.  Later he cofounded and was the Chief  Knowledge officer of  Plex in California, a venture funded CRM system developer during 2000-2001.

He did his graduation in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University (best graduate of the year) and his M. Tech. as well as Ph. D. in Management Systems from IIT Delhi. Jayanta is a Senior Member of IEEE, USA and an Alumnus of Rockwell's Global Leadership Programme and the Aspen Institute Leadership Programme. He is a founder EC member of the Engineering Management Society of IEEE in India.

He has been a visiting faculty at IIT Delhi and Kanpur since 1994 teaching Strategy & Business Policy, Service Management , Creative Problem Solving, Cyber Marketing and Knowledge Management. Jayanta is a popular speaker at management conferences .

Since 2001, Dr. Chatterjee is in full time academics and a Professor at the Industrial and Management Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur .He is a consultant and coach for several high technology companies and their key executives and continues to be a venture catalyst.

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Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Best All-rounder Graduate Gold Medal, Jadavpur University


Certificate in General Management, Industrial Marketing Specialization, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta 1975
M. Tech. in Management Systems, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi 1991
Ph. D. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 1999

Trained at Management Programmes of Siemens and Allen-Bradley in Europe and USA

Rockwell Corporate Leadership Programmes in USA and at Aspen Institute Programme of USA.

Nominated as the 'Manager of the Year' (1994) by Delhi Management Association

Serving on National and International Executive Committees of Professional Societies

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Work Experience


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Department of Industrial & Management Engineering


  • Strategy & Marketing for Service Businesses
  • High Technology Systems Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Innovation in large organisations
  • Incubation & entrepreneurship






March 2001 onwards

vtPlex, Inc., California
VI ePlex India, New Delhi & Bombay, India.

Co-Founder and Director

  • Customer centric e-Business and eCRM consulting.
  • eTransaction management and Alternate payment systems.
  • VC and Pvt. Equity raising, Angel funding.
  • Incubation networking.


April, 1999 to March 2001


Rockwell International, Costa Mesa, California

Fortune 500 global leader in electronics, control and communication, avionics, semiconductors.

1983 to 1999

Corporate International,  Asia Region

Executive Director

  • Established new business units for Semiconductor Systems and Automotive IBU.
  • Set-up Regional Global sourcing operation.
  • Regional leader for the Growth Council Projects (WLL/WLAN/MMI).
  • Completed major acquisitions and Joint Ventures.
  • Developed successful outsourcing relationships. 
  • Coordinated  India Development Center operations.



1996 to April 1999

Rockwell Automation


President of the wholly owned subsidiary of Rockwell Automation
President - Allen-Bradley India Ltd.
Corporate Vice-President-Sales, Technology and Business Development
Director - National Sales.

  • Led a sixfold growth of the business from 1991 to 1996.
  • Established new product lines through innovative marketing strategies and strategic JVs.
  • Coordinator, Asia Business Operating System and BPR.
  • Member of Crompton Greaves (JV partner) CEO Council.
  • Led ISO 9000 Certification and TQCS implementation.
  • Coordinated post acquisition  rationalization in the Regional Market (Merger with Reliance Electric and Acquisition of Sprecher & Schuh)


1983 to 1996


New Product Marketing Manager
Account Manager
Senior Product Manager
Senior Sales Engineer
National Sales and Customer Support Manager 

  • Significant sales achievements and large Account Development
  • Led diversification and negotiated successful technical license agreements
  • Implemented strategic planning process 
  • Posted to UK and Denmark to manage software project teams
  • Acquired skills in team building and entrepreneurial business development
  • Developed personal adaptability and flexibility and global operating experience
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1972 to 1983



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Teaching Experience

  1. IIT Kanpur, visiting faculty: 'Business Policy and Corporate Strategy'. 
  2. IIT Delhi, visiting faculty: 'Creative Problem Solving, Strategic Technology Management' . 
  3. ASCI, Hyderabad, Visiting faculty: e-Commerce, Cyber Marketing, B2B Marketing (Short Term Courses).
  4. IIT Kanpur, Visiting Faculty, eMarketing , Knowledge Management .
  5. IIT Kanpur, QIP Programme, Intelligent Business Decisions.
  6. IIM, Calcutta, MDP on E-commerce Strategies, December, 2000. (Co-instructor with Prof. A Chakraborty from Finland Technical University & NJIT).
  7. IIT Kanpur, full time faculty, Knowledge Management, Organising for Services, Services Marketing, Service operations, Managing High Technology, Managing Innovation.

Research Experience

Following are some interesting research involvements besides my M.Tech and Ph.D. research work:

  • Research on advanced technology in rural markets (Media lab Asia).
  • Research on Wireless local loop deployment as an Infrastructure acceleration strategy - Joint Research programme of Rockwell Science Centre and Harbour Research Foundation (1996 to 1997).
  • Research on Corporate Intrapreneurship and Internal Venture Fund (1998). 
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  • Organising for Intellectual asset management  - DRDO/DRDL
  • Knowledge Management Infrastructure Project at Sona Koyo Steering Ltd., Gurgaon 
  • Digital Mandi - electronic trading of agrocommodities, Media Lab Asia.
  • Marketing strategy and Organisation development - Softedge International/  Hummingbird Inc.
  • Concurrent remote design center projects - Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Meritor Automative, Conexant Inc.
  • Marketing strategy & Organisation development - Softdel Systems, Dalal group.
  • Knowledge management architecture for customer help desk - Venture Infotek Global Ltd.

Thesis and special studies

  • Web based collaborative model for Supply Chain Excellence.
  • Business Models of Call Centres.
  • Developing a management game for studying cross impact of etailing strategies.
  • Business models for mobile data service network providers.
  • Economics of networked systems.
  • Taxonomy of BPO services.
  • Marketing of mobile telephony in semi Urban Indian markets.
  • ICT impact on Retail business strategies.
  • Empirical measures of intangible assets using tangible consequences.