Guest room

Guest rooms
Type of room: Double
Number of rooms: 4
Charges(per room per day for single bed): ₹150/-
Charges(per room per day for double bed): ₹250/-
Extra Inventory: No extra inventory will be supplied.

(1).See the guest room availability in the calender provided below.
Guest room availablity (2) Request for the guest room using the form given below.
Guest room booking form (3)After filling the form you will receive an email which is a confirmation email that request has been recorded. If the room will be available you will receive the confirmation email regarding the availability of the room.
(4)After that, you have to do the payment using the link provided below. You have to submit the receipt(in printed form) in the hall office. Payment Steps to be followed for payment- in SBI I-collect select hall 12 and then write the total amount to be paid in other dues section and then write 'Guest Room Booking' in the remarks section.