Pre-Orientation Programme For UG Students

12 - 14 July 2014 (Reporting Date: 11 July)

This programme will be a unique blend of learning, fun and realization. The aim of this programme is to provide a smooth transition for the students into the new environment of the Institute. It will not just be for the students, but for the parents as well!

English Language Classes

We will be focusing on Basic English training for those who haven’t had any formal training in English before. Hence, we strongly encourage all those who are weak in understanding and reading English to attend this workshop.

Aero Workshop

One of a kind workshop on Aero-Modeling where the new students will get a chance to relive the wonderful concepts of Physics which they’ve learnt in their high school.

Interact with Professors

Chance to meet some of the esteemed faculty members of the Institute who’ll share with the students and their parents, their wisdom and experiences! It will be a nice chance for the parents to interact with the Institute authorities to get a better knowledge of the institute.

Explore the Campus

Parents will get to explore the wonderful campus of IIT Kanpur through campus tours organized by us.


The reporting date for the first phase of orientation programme is 11th July 2014. Please note that it is not mandatory to attend but highly recommended that you do so. The Institute will be able to entertain only 200 students during this phase. The students need to register for it (via the form link provided below) and the first 200 students to register will be provided confirmation regarding the same.

Parents will be provided accommodation by the Institute for the first phase of orientation, i.e. from 12th – 14th July only.

Click here for registration.

Orientation Programme For UG Students

17 July Onwards (Reporting Date: 15-16 July)

The Second and compulsory phase of Orientation. All students who would finally be taking admission into IIT Kanpur are required to report at the campus latest by 5:00 PM, 16 July for their registration and other formalities.The Orientation Programme is done to acquaint the students with the facilities, services, personnel, rules and regulations of the Institute and helps them in their smooth transition into the Institute.

Life Skills Workshop

Life Skills Workshop focussed on communication skills, overcoming dilemmas in decision making, inculcating negotiation skills and team spirit through group activities that will go a long way in developing your interpersonal skills.

Alumni Talk

Listen to pearls of wisdom from one of the notable attendees of the Institute and get to know their success mantra!

Explore your Department

Get exposed to path-breaking research in your field in an address by the Head of your Department and also find out about various courses which will instill in you knowledge regarding the same.

Wing Masti

Play fun games along with your new found roommates and wing-mates and build that bond which will last for a lifetime.

Science and Technology Pavilion

Get a peep into the projects developed by senior students in fields of Robotics, Electronics, Astronomy etc. and what’s more? Question them, clear your doubts and participate in holistic learning.

Gymkhana Presentations

Get to know the various clubs of the Institute - the facilities that the Institute provides and the achievements of the various clubs in different spheres that will surely leave you spell bound.

Laboratory Visits

Demonstrations of basic science concepts through mind-blowing experiments that will definitely change your outlook towards concepts you are already aware of .The amazing simplicity of these experiments will definitely tickle your grey matter. And lots and lots more!

These entire days have been planned to provide an incoming student with the most memorable experiences that one cherishes long after the Orientation days are over. Please note that every student admitted into the Institute has to compulsorily attend this phase of Orientation.