MiniKit Champ - A DIY Kit

Can you imagine an electronic DIY kit without wires, by which you can make electronic circuits, funny games, electronic greeting cards? No! So, this kit is for you. Likhotronics, an IIT incubated company, recently launched MiniKit Champ for starters to begin exploring the world of writable electronics. This kit is designed to help kids draw their circuits and test its own self, make fun games, greeting cards and lot more. Not getting into either curriculum or complicated wired networks, this kit will help in learning introductory concepts of electronics.

Kit Contents

A Educational Kit using the Conductive & Resistive ink Pen.

  1. Pens:Conductive (1No), Resistive (1No)
  2. Magnetic Sheet(1No)
  3. Connectors:Battery Connector (1No), Universal (2Nos)
  4. LEDs:SMD(4Nos), Through Hole(3Nos)
  5. Battery: 9V (1No), Coin Cell 3V (1No)
  6. Samples:Greeting (2Nos), Sample Circuit Design (2Nos)

Made in Bharat

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