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Trail: Learning the Java Language: Table of Contents

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
What Is an Object?
What Is a Message?
What Is a Class?
What Is Inheritance?
What Is an Interface?
How Do These Concepts Translate into Code?
Questions and Exercises: Object-Oriented Concepts
Language Basics
Data Types
Variable Names
Variable Initialization
Final Variables
Summary of Variables
Questions and Exercises: Variables
Arithmetic Operators
Relational and Conditional Operators
Shift and Logical Operators
Assignment Operators
Other Operators
Summary of Operators
Questions and Exercises: Operators
Expressions, Statements, and Blocks
Questions and Exercises: Expressions, Statements, and Blocks
Control Flow Statements
The while and do-while Statements
The for Statement
The if/else Statements
The switch Statement
Exception Handling Statements
Branching Statements
Summary of Control Flow Statements
Questions and Exercises: Control Flow
Object Basics and Simple Data Objects
The Life Cycle of an Object
Creating Objects
Using Objects
Cleaning Up Unused Objects
Summary of Creating and Using Objects
Questions and Exercises: Creating and Using Objects
Characters and Strings
Strings and String Buffers
Creating Strings and String Buffers
Getting the Length of a String or String Buffer
Getting Characters by Index from a String or String Buffer
Searching for a Character or a Substring within a String
Comparing Strings and Portions of Strings
Manipulating Strings
Modifying String Buffers
Strings and the Compiler
Summary of Characters and Strings
Questions and Exercises: Characters and Strings
The Numbers Classes
Converting Strings to Numbers
Converting Numbers to Strings
Formatting Numbers
Formatting Numbers with Custom Formats
Beyond Basic Arithmetic
Summary of Numbers
Questions and Exercises: Numbers
Creating and Using Arrays
Arrays of Objects
Arrays of Arrays
Copying Arrays
Summary of Arrays
Questions and Exercises: Arrays
Classes and Inheritance
Creating Classes
Declaring Classes
Declaring Member Variables
Defining Methods
Providing Constructors for Your Classes
Passing Information into a Method or a Constructor
Returning a Value from a Method
Using the this Keyword
Controlling Access to Members of a Class
Understanding Instance and Class Members
Initializing Instance and Class Members
Summary of Creating Classes
Questions and Exercises: Creating Classes
Managing Inheritance
Overriding and Hiding Methods
Hiding Member Variables
Using super
Being a Descendent of Object
Writing Final Classes and Methods
Writing Abstract Classes and Methods
Summary of Managing Inheritance
Questions and Exercises: Managing Inheritance
Nested Classes
Inner Classes
Summary of Nested Classes
Questions and Exercises: Nested Classes
Enumerated Types
Questions and Exercises: Enumerated Types
Defining and Using Generic Types
Relationships Among Generics
Wildcard Types
Defining and Using Generic Methods
Using Generics with Legacy Code
Interfaces and Packages
Creating and Using Interfaces
Defining an Interface
Implementing an Interface
Using an Interface as a Type
Warning! Interfaces Cannot Grow
The "Static Import" Construct
Summary of Creating and Using Interfaces
Questions and Exercises: Creating and Using Interfaces
Creating and Using Packages
Creating a Package
Naming a Package
Using Package Members
Managing Source and Class Files
Summary of Creating and Using Packages
Questions and Exercises: Creating and Using Packages
Solving Common Coding Problems

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