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Welcome to the Department of Earth Sciences at IIT Kanpur. We are one of the youngest department in the country, established in 2014, with a vision to carry out interdisciplinary Earth Science teaching and research of contemporary relevance.


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  • Shortlisted candidates for the PH.D. interviews,2019-20 2nd Semester.
  • Petex has donated us the MOVE suite software programs of the full value (1,734,408.00 pounds)
  • Selected candidates for the PhD program; 2019-20-1st semester.
  • Selected candidates for the M. Tech. program; 2019-20-1st semester.
  • Prof. Deepak Dhingra has published an invited review paper, covering advancements in lunar science from recent missions, in the journal Geosciences.
  • Interview dates for MTech/PhD students:
    MTech - 13-14th May, 2019
    PhD - 17th-18th May, 2019
  • Research publication on hybrid approach for gravity studies led by Prof. Animesh Mandal and former M.Tech student Shankho Niyogi has been published in the Journal of Applied Geophysics
  • Prof. Animesh Mandal is the lead author of research publication on geophysical investigations around shallow hot springs. Co-authors include graduate students Aurobindo Basantaray, Utsav Mishra along with Atul Chandroth
  • An interactive session was organized for the students on internships in industry, academia and research institutes on August 3, 2018.
  • Selected candidates for the Ph.D. and M. Tech. programs; 2018-19-1st Semester.
  • Dr. Shib Shankar Ganguly is the lead author on a paper (published in the Journal of Asian Earth Sciences) dealing with important geophysical aspects and their implications for the hydrocarbon potential of Ankleshwar oil field.
  • Richa Srivastava (M. Tech 2nd year) has been awarded EAGE Travel Grant for 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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These department facilities are also available for the scientific community and other organizations on a chargeable basis. Please contact the Head, Earth Science department for more information.