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Name            :   Govind Sharma
Designation :   Professor
Date of Birth :   December 18, 1956

     Educational Qualifications

Ph.D.: University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1984).
(Thesis Supervisor: Prof. R. Chellappa, presently with Univ. of Maryland,
Thesis Title: Modern Two-dimensional Spectral Estimation).

M.Tech.: Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (1981).

B.Tech.: Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (1979)


     Sponsored Projects

1. (Principal Investigator) Segmentation of MR Medical Imaging Data for Diagnostics . Sponsored by U.P. Council of Science and Technology, 1999 - 2000. This project aimed at fur developing the computerised segmentation techniques to used by MR radiologists in a real-life hospital setting. Several fast and accurate algorithms for image segmentation were developed.

2. (Principal Investigator) Development of Digital Signal Processing Laboratory. Sponsored by the union Ministry for Human Resource Development, 1992 to 1994. A high speed signal processing laboratory based on state of the art computer interfaced ADSP systems was developed for graduate studies and research work in the ACES at IIT Kanpur. Subsequently Texas Instruments supported further upgradation of this lab using TI-TMS platforms. The lab is now extensively used for advanced work in signal processing.

3. (Co-investigator) Computer Vision. Sponsored by the All India Council for Technical Education, 1995 -1998. This project developed computer vision algorithms which were subsequently implemented on high speed reconfigurable multiprocessor based vision systems.

4. (Co-investigator) Low bit Rate Video Compression. Sponsored by Silicon Automation Systems, 1997 - 99. The project supported hardware development in Signal Processing and student fellowships for development work. Algorithm development has been the main focus of this project.


     Areas of Interest

  • Signal and Image Processing (including Medical Imaging and Video Signal Processing)

  • Communication Systems

  • Computer Vision

     Thesis Supervision

Ph. D.

" Low Cost and Concurrent Algorithms for Adaptive Volterra and Linear Filters, 1995.
(Student: Dr. A. Chaturvedi)

" Nonuniform Sampling of Time Limited Signals Using Time Localisation Properties of Wavelet Transform, 1997.
(Student: Dr. C. Ramesh)

" In Progress : Speech Recognition Using Neural Networks (Likely completion date: Apr 2002)
(Student: Mr. S.U. Khan)

M. Tech.

1. Shape Recovery in 2D- 3D MRI Medical Images using Level Set Method, August 2000.

2. Estimation of Formant Parameter Variations Using Linear Prediction, April 1999.

3. Boundary Detection in 3-D MRI Images Using Level Set Methods, March 1999.

4. Simulation of Joint Detection Scheme for Fast Frequency Hopped Code Division Multiplexed Multi-access Scheme, May 1998.

5. Direction of Angle of Arrival Estimate, May 1995

6. ATS Method: Periodogram Smoothing by Nonparametric Regression, March 1995.

7. Processing Nonuniform Data Using B-Splines, Dec. 1993.

8. Modelling and Recognition of EEG Signals, Dec. 1992.

9. Image Segmentation and Object Extraction Using Grey Level Pyramids, April 1990.

10. Implementation of Algorithms for Model Reference Adaptive Control, Feb. 1989.

11. Texture Analysis using Markov Random Fields, March 1988.

12. Detection of Atomic Displacements in Field Ion Micrographs Using Fourier Transform ,
April 1986.


1. Image Restoration for Reducing Block Artifacts Based on Adaptive Constrained Optimization, Aug 1999.

2. Removing Block Artefacts in DCT Coded Images, July 1998.

3. Estimating Image Similarity Using Chromatic Berycenter, June 1997.

4. Image Compression Using Vector Quantization, June 1996.

5. Study of Image Data Compression and Implementation of JPEG, May 1995.

6.Software Based Motion Picture Coding, May 1994.

7. Some Image Processing Routines, May 1993.


1. Fast and Accurate Edge Based Segmentation with no Contour Smoothing in 2-D real Images, April 2001. Best Project Award Winner.

2. Image Smoothing with Roof and Step Edge Preserving, April 2001.

3. Image Segmentation Based on Tree- Structured Markov Random Fields, April 2000.

4. Segmentation of Magnetic Resonanant Images using Fuzzy Algorithms for Vector Quantisation, April 2000.

5. Estimation of Image Noise Variance, April 2000.

6. Motion Adaptive Tracking Algorithm For Very Low Bit Rate Model Assisted Coding of Video, April 1999.

7. Dynamic Image Data Compression in Spatial and Temporal Domain, April 1999.

8. Morphological Image Enhancement, April 1999.

9. Automatic Segmentation of Brain MRI, April 1999.

10. Image Segmentation by EM Algorithm Initialised by Tree Structure Scheme, April 1999.

11. Markov Random Field Segmentation of Brain MRI, April 1999.

12. Nonlinear Filtering and Fast Ray Tracing of 3-D Image Data, April 1999.

13. Voice Synthesiser for Text Reading, April 1999.

14. Partial Volume Bayesian Classification of Material Mixture in MR Volume Data Using Voxel Histograms, April 1999.

15. Lossless Image compression using DCT and residuals, April 1998.

16. Image segmentation using fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm, April 1997.

17. Nonuniform sampling delta modulation, April 1997.

18. Image data compression using dyadic transform, April 1996.

19. Edge Detection in an Image Using the Recursive Wavelet Transform, April 1995.

20. Accurate Image Rotation, April 1994.

21. Halftone Generation and Retrieval of the Grey Image, April 1993.



Papers in referred journals:

1. A New Family of Concurrent Algorithms for Adaptive Volterra and Linear Filters, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, September 1999, vol. 47, no.9, pp. 2547-2551. (With Dr. A.K. Chaturvedi).

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Papers in conferences:

1. Speech Recognition using Neural Networks, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, Goa, Jan. 2000, pp. 432-437.

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16. Adaptive notch filtering for retrieval of two-dimensional harmonics, Proceedings of Intl. Conf. on Information Science and Systems, Baltimore, 1983, pp. 208-211.


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