EMEC Laboratory


  • Prof. P. Sensarma

List of Experiments:
  • Experiment No 1
    1. To perform Sumpner's test on two identical transformers and calculate their efficiency at 110%, 100%, 75% and 25% of full load at unity and 0.8 p.f. lagging
    2. To separate the hysteresis and eddy current losses combined in the core of a 1-phase transformer under the rated conditions

  • Experiment No. 2
    1. To conduct load flow studies on a power system using Power System software and study the effect of the following:
      (a) Generation rescheduling
      (b) Increasing transmission line length
      (c) Increasing system load
      (d) Shunt compensation (e) Series compensation

  • Experiment No. 3
    1. To connect three single phase transformers into three-phase transformer bank and study the waveforms for various configurations.

  • Experiment No. 4
    1. To perform no-load, blocked rotor and load tests on l-phase capacitor start-capacitor run induction motor and determine:
      (a) The parameters for the equivalent circuit.
      (b) Compute the performance of motor from the parameters and compare with experimental results.

  • Experiment No. 5
    1. To perform no load, blocked rotor and load tests on a 3-phase squirrel cage induction motor and draw its equivalent circuit referred to the stator and calculate the efficiency of the motor.
    2. Also obtain the performance characteristics of the motor theoretically from the equivalent circuit parameters and compare it with the experimentally obtained results.

  • Experiment No. 6
    1. To perform open and short circuit tests on a synchronous generator and determine its synchronous impedance (i) neglecting saturation and
      (ii) considering saturation.
    2. To determine an equivalent circuit of the generator using the synchronous impedance values determined in above (i) and (ii).
    3. To determine and draw the terminal voltage versus load current characteristics of the generator for unity power factor load using the equivalent circuit determined in part 2 above.
    4. Also to determine voltage regulation of the generator for unity power factor load.

  • Electrical measuring instruments for power circuits.
  • testing apparatus for distribution switch gear

The lab is used for course no EE380 (Electrical Engineering Laboratory I

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Mr. Lekhraj Singh
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Mr. Lekhraj Singh
Email: lsingh@iitk.ac.in
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