Basic Electronics Lab

Technical Staff:
  • Mr. Devi Charan
  • Mr. Kaushal Kishore

  • DC Power Supply.
  • Digital Multimeter.
  • Function Generator.
  • Digital Oscilloscope.
  • Trainer Kit

List of Experiments:
  • Familiarization with Laboratory Instruments (Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Digital Multimeter, DC Power Supply)
  • Characterisation of Passive Circuit Elements (R, L, C).
  • Time Response of RC and RL Circuits.
  • Frequency Response of RC and RLC Circuits.
  • Equivalent Circuits and Circuit Identification.
  • iode Characteristics and DC Power Supply.
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Circuits(Inverter,Common Emitter Amplifier).
  • Operation Amplifiers.
  • Basic Combinational Circuits.
  • Synchronous and Ripple Counters.

The lab is used for course no ESc201 (Introduction to Electronics).