Power Management Laboratory


PhD Students:
  • Rajeev Singh
  • Ravindranath Adda

MTech Students:
  • Venkateswara Reddy Mulla
  • Saurabh Upadhyay
  • Kapil Jha
  • Rakesh Rawal
  • Bijendra Verma
  • Makarand Mijar
  • Mukesh

  • Multiphase DC/DC Power Conversion
  • Power Management Circuits
  • Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Systems

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  • Santanu K. Mishra, Steve Zhou, and George Schuellein," Design of Average Current Mode Control with Limited DC Gain Based Redundant Paralleled Multiphase VRM," in PCIM Europe, Nuremberg, Germany, May 2006.
  • S. Mishra, S. Zhou, W. Huang, G. Schuellein, "Design of a Redundant Paralleled Voltage Regulator Module System with Improved Efficiency and Dynamic Response", IEEE-IAS Annual Meeting 06, Tampa, Florida, pp. 2524-2528, Oct. 2006.
  • Wenkai Wu, Ken Boyden, Santanu K. Mishra, George Schuellein, "Phase Shedding Control Algorithm for Multiphase Voltage Regulator," PCIM China, Shanghai, China, June 2008.
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  • Variable Phase Input Power Plant Design for Telecom Application
    Funding Agency: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL)
    Duration: December 2008-December 2009
    Status: Active
  • Dynamic Modulators for Large-Signal Linearization of Boost Converters
    Funding Agency: R and D Department
    IIT Kanpur
    Duration: September 2008-December 2009
    Status: Completed

Contact Person:
Dr. Santanu Mishra
Email: santanum@iitk.ac.in
Location: ACES 101, IIT Kanpur