High Voltage Laboratory

PhD Students:
  • Syed Abdullah Qasim
  • Romana Zafar
  • Jeewan C. Pandey
  • Supriyo Das
  • Ritesh R. Patel
  • Parimal Maity (Completed)
  • Alireza Ashrof Ganjovi (Completed)
  • Elanseralathan kasinathan (Completed)

MTech Students:
  • Harish Chakerwarti (Completed)
  • Udaykiran Kasimala (Completed)
  • V. Vijaykumar (Completed)
  • Swati Gupta (Completed)
  • Chiranjeevi Gutlapalli (Completed)
  • S R Naga Rajesh Gudivada (Completed)
  • Shreya Ghatak (Completed)
  • Satbir Singh (Completed)

  • Lekhraj Singh

  • Impulse Generator, 4.4 kJ, 500 kV, 4 stage
  • High Voltage Power Frequency AC Test Transformer, 100kVA, 150 kVA
  • Portable AC Break down Tester
  • High Voltage DC Generator, 400 kV either polarity
  • Single Phase Power Quality Analyzer
  • Artificial rain making equipment
  • Sphere gap assembly
  • Programmable Electro meter
  • PD Detector and Analyzer, Measuring PD Range - 0-50000 pC
  • High Voltage Schering Bridge with Null Indicator and Guard ring Capacitor
  • Insulation Tester
  • Digital Earth Clamp meter, Measuring range: 0.01- 300 ohm
  • Digital Earth Tester, Measuring range - 0.01 - 200 ohm
  • Programmable resistance/Resistivity meter
  • High Speed Camera (basler 302B)

  • Study of electric tree growth in polymeric dielectrics with and without voids, 2009
  • Dielectric behaviour of epoxy-based composites with nano-sized metal-oxide fillers, 2009
  • Kinetic modelling of gas discharges in narrow dielectric channels: applications to partial discharges and plasma thrusters, 2009
  • Polarization and conduction mechanisms in epoxy-based nano-dielectrics, 2013
  • Space charge mechanisms in polymer composite dielectrics, 2013
  • Space Charge diagnostics in epoxy based nano-dielectrics (ongoing)
  • Dielectric response and energy storage in epoxy nano composites (ongoing)
  • Electric stress control and permittivity in functionally graded dielectrics (ongoing)

  • Experimental investigation into the mechanism of electrical treeing in high voltage cable insulation, MHRD (R&D)
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation into an artificial tree channel in high voltage polymeric insulation, DST-SERC
  • Modelling of the gaseous discharge in Stationary Plasma Thrusters, ISRO
  • Electrical characterization of nano-composites for use as novel dielectrics, DST-SERC
  • Investigation of space charge phenomena in polymeric dielectric materials, DST-SERC
  • Experimental characterization and numerical investigation of charge transport in synthetic polymers used for electrical insulation under high and low voltages, DST: Indo-Tunisian Programme of Cooperation in the fields of Science and Technology
  • Analysis, fabrication and testing of a dielectric elastomer based energy harvesting system, DST-SERB

Contact Person:
Lekhraj Singh
Email: lsingh@iitk.ac.in
Phone: +91-512-259-7850
Location: WL 114 A