Anechoic Chamber


  • Anechoic Chamber was designed mainly for testing and characterizing of RFID systems under different environments and for performing RCS measurements.
  • The frequency range at which the equipment are handled is from 1.0 to 26.0 GHz.

The various sorts of testings:
  • Determining the relative and absolute gain measurements of antenna whose gain range from 0 dBi to +20 dBi .
  • RCS measurements are carried out in the chamber they include both monostatic and bistatic.
  • Azimuthal antenna pattern : 360 degree.
  • Bore sight measurements.
  • Random error measurements.

  • Quiet-Zone Volume Of RFID Activity:
    5.0m (L) X 3.0m (W) X 0.9m (H) centrally located length wise ,width wise and height wise.
  • Chamber Size:
    7.0m X 6.0m X 0.9m ( L X W X H ) ideally suitable for Bi-Static
    RCS Measurements/ RF1D activity total covered area =169.8 sq.m.
  • Sheilding effectiveness:
    Min. -50 dB at 1.0 GHz and min. -40 dB from 2.0 to 18.0 GHz.
  • Fire Retardancy of Absorbers:
    Per NRL-8093 standard complying Tests No : 1, 2 and 3 with ZERO HALOGEN MEANS.
  • Absorber performance:
    All the absorbers tested as per IEEE 1128-1998 by NRL Arch at 2.0 GHz and higher frequencies and in the closed waveguide system at 1.0 GHz.

  • Wave guide air vents.
  • Access panel.
  • Power line filter.
  • Distribution panel, Lightning, Grounding.

Contact Person:
Dr. A. R. Harish
Tel: +91-512-2597569
Fax: +91-512-2590063
Location: ACES 227B