Wireless Communications Coding and Cognitive Radio Laboratory (WC3 laboratory)



  • Cognitive Radio

  • Error Control Codes

  • Wireless Communications

  • Information Theoretic Security

  • Compressed Sensing

  • Cooperation in Wireless Networks

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  • Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Military Radio Applications. Supported by Defense Electronics Application Laboratory, Dehradun, Oct. 2010-Jan. 2012.

  • Cognitive Radio, Co-PIs, Barry Evans (University of Surrey), David Koilpillai (IIT Madras), S. Merchant (IIT Bombay), Uday Desai (IIT Hyderabad). Joint project under Indo-UK Advanced Technologies Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, Systems and Services. Oct. 2009-May. 2012.


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  • Kedar Prakash Kulkarni

  • Sanket Sanjay Kalamkar

  • Abhishek Srivastava

  • G. Chandra Shekar Goud

  • Onkar Arun Pandit

  • Praveen Kumar SIngh

  • Vivek G.

  • Vijay Yadav


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