VLSI - EDA Laboratory

The VLSI-EDA lab is equipped with the most up-to-date industry standard VLSI EDA tools and hardware resources. The lab facility includes course lab for course projects and assignments, research lab for thesis and research and testing lab for VLSI testing. The server room in VLSI Lab houses over 15 servers which power all the Linux and Windows workstations in course, research and testing sections. The lab also has an in-house library holding of around 60 books related to VLSI and allied fields for student reference.


  • State-of-art facility for research and teaching at postgraduate level.

  • Software tools: Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Xilinx, Keysight ADS, Keysight IC-Cap, Synopsys Advanced TCAD, Silvaco TCAD 3D, Silvaco AMS, GTS TCAD Framework and QuantumWise ATK.

  • Open Source Tools: OOMMF, QCADesigner, Spice3f5, BSIM4 and QuantumEspresso.

  • Extended-use Off-maintenance tools: Silvaco TCAD 2D, Tanner EDA, MEMS and AimSpice.

  • FPGA prototyping boards, Analog and Digital IO boards and DSP kits from Xilinx.

  • Function Generators, Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers.

  • Networked computing environment with Linux and Windows.

Lab Setup




The course projects have been designed in analog, digital and rf areas using software and hardware tools.


  1. EE610: Analog/ Digital VlSI Circuits

  2. EE614: Solid State Devices - l

  3. EE616: Semiconductor Device Modelling

  4. EE618: Integrated Circuit Technology

  5. EE619: VLSI System Design

  6. EE645: Monolithic Microwave ICs

  7. EE681: Compact Modeling

  8. EE698I: Solar Photovaltaic Technology


  1. EE370: Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Technology

  2. EE413: Semiconductor Devices Technology

  1. Organic Thin Film Transistor

  2. Silicon-On-Insulator MOSFET

  3. VLSI Interconnections

  4. Carbon Nanotubes

  5. Hetero-Junction Bipolar Transistor

  6. Novel Semiconductor Devices

  7. Tunnelling FET

  8. Junction-less FET

  9. Ultra-Thin Body Silicon-On-Insulator

  10. Digital ASIC Design

  11. Full Custom ASIC Design

  12. Advanced CMOS Devices

  13. High Electron Mobility Transistors

  14. Compact Modelling

  15. MOSFET Modelling

  16. Device Simulation

  17. Physics of 2D Materials applications

  1. Mr. J. Johnson Whiteford (EE) Lab Engineer & Sys-Admin

  1. Dr. Chandra Shekhar Gautam (EE)

  2. Dr. Mohamed Asan Basiri M (CSE)

  3. Dr. Sarvesh Singh Chauhan (EE)

  4. Dr. Sudip Ghosh (EE)

  5. Dr. Tapas Dutta (EE)

  6. Mr. Basanagauda B. Patil (SCDT)

  7. Mr. Gavax Joshi (EE)

  8. Mr. Ragavendra Dangi (EE)

  9. Mr. Sanjay Sharma (EE)

  10. Mr. Uttam Kumar Das (EE)

  1. Mr. Amol Domaji Gaidhane (EE)

  2. Mr. Ashish K. Agrawal (EE)

  3. Mr. Avirup Dasgupta (EE)

  4. Mr. Ball Mukund Tripathi (EE)

  5. Mr. Chandan Yadav (EE)

  6. Mr. Chetan Gupta (EE)

  7. Mr. Dabhi Chetankumar Trikambhai (EE)

  8. Mr. Dharmander Malik (EE)

  9. Mr. Dinesh R (EE)

  10. Mr. Girish Pahwa (EE)

  11. Mr. Prateek Jain (EE)

  12. Mr. Priyank Rastogi (EE)

  13. Ms. Rajani Bisht (EE)

  14. Mr. Rajesh Agrawal (EE)

  15. Mr. Ravi Goel (EE)

  16. Ms. Sandhya Chandravanshi (MSP)

  17. Mr. Satya Gopal Dinda (EE)

  18. Mr. Shantanu Agnihotri (EE)

  19. Mr. Sheikh Aamir Ahsan (EE)

  20. Mr. Shiromani B. Rahi (EE)

  21. Ms. Shruti Mehrotra (EE)

  22. Mr. Sona Das (EE)

  23. Ms. Tannu Gupta (EE)

  24. Mr. Tapendu Mandal (MSE)

  1. Prof. S. Qureshi
    Lab Coordinator
    E-mail: qureshi[AT]iitk.ac.in
    Phone: +91-512-259-7133
    Location: WL-211B

  2. Mr. J.J. Whiteford
    Lab Engineer
    E-mail: white[AT]iitk.ac.in
    Phone: +91-512-259-6193
    Location: WL-211