Optoelectronics and Nanofabrication Laboratory

The laboratory works towards the development of optoelectronic devices working at millimeter wave frequencies.


  • Multiquantum Well Intermixed Waveguide Grating Assisted Couplers

  • High Speed Waveguide Photodiodes

  • Photodiode Arrays

  • SiGeC/SiC Quantum Dash LEDs on silicon by spin-on technique

  • Laser assisted vision through Fog


Lab Facilities

Lab Instruments




  • Facilities for Optoelectronics Laboratory:

    • Optical Bench and Optical waveguiding setup

    • Ps-pulsed laser source at 980nm, 1550nm, and 400nm

    • Sorption pump

    • CO2 laser (10W)

    • Laser Scanner (1kHz)

    • MCT detectors (4kHz, 4kV/W)

    • Motorized positioners(0.1micron)for optical waveguide measurements

    • Data acquizition cards and systems (GHz)

    • Tunable laser (1270-1650nm)

    • Lock-in AmplifiersOscilloscopes (60MHz)

    • Signal Generators

    • Power Supplies

    • Blue DPSS laser

    • White light source

  • Facilities for Nanotechnology Laboratory:

    • MJB3 Mask Aligner (i-line, 3inch substrates)

    • Baking Oven

    • Ziess Microscope (50X obj)

    • Photoresist Spinner (4800rpm)

    • Optical surface profiler (vertical 0.01nm, Horizontal 2.5micron)

    • Millipore Ultrapure water system

    • Reactive Ion Etch System (Methane Chenistry)

    • E-Beam evaporator (turbopump driven, 6kW, 4pocket, 6cc)

    • Class 100 Developing Station, Acid station, and Solvent ststion

    • Ultrasonic cleaner

  • Rapid thermal anneal (RTA) system

  • "Design of a Grating-Assisted Lateral Directional Coupler by Impurity-Induced Quantum Well Intermixing of InGaAs/GaAs", A. V. Barve and U. Das, Special Issue, joint publication of IEEE J. Lightwave Technol., 25, 2448(2007) and Optical Society of America.

  • "Optical Quality SiC nano-structures by Spin-On Technique and Anneal on Si", A Mondal and U Das, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 42, 234002-234006 (2009).

  • Quantum well intermixed waveguide grating", R. Sonkar and U. Das, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 42, No.9-10, pp.631-643(Sept. 2011)

  • "Experimental Study of the Effects of Environmental and Fog Condensation Nuclei Parameters on the Rate of Fog Formation and Dissipation Using a New Laboratory Scale Fog Generation Facility", V. P. Singh, T. Gupta, S. N. Tripathi, C. Jariwala, and U. Das, Aerosol and Air Quality Res., 11, 140-154 (2011)

  • "40GHz Integrated MQW Intermixed Waveguide Photodiodes", T. Bhowmick and U. Das, Poster No. OP-P.25, IWPSD 2011, Dec. 19-22, 2011, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, UP, India. [Best Poster Award]

  • "Growth of SiC Nano-Crystals on H-Terminated Si(100)3o Substrate Surface Steps", D. Jain, C. Sandeep, and U. Das, Poster No. OP-P.27, IWPSD 2011, Dec. 19-22, 2011, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, UP, India

  • "Fabrication of Waveguide Grating", S. Sonkar and U. Das, Presentation No. OP-O.04, IWPSD 2011, Dec. 19-22, 2011, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, UP, India

  • Viswas Nair

  • Sona Das

  • Shah Mithil Dipak Bhai

  • Sonu Kumar

  • Nagendra Pratap Yadav(PSE)

  • Madduri Suresh

  • Omkar Balasahib Mane

  • Shikha Ahirwar

  • Rahul Kumar Gautam

  • Ravi Kumar Verma

  • Rahul Shaw

  • Saket Wankhade


Utpal Das
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Phone: 91(512)259-7360

  • ACES 122/123 (Nano Fabrication Laboratory)

  • ACES 129 (Optoelectronics Laboratory)