Microwave Imaging and Material Testing (MIMT) Laboratory (To know more about this lab.....click here)



  • Microwave imaging, characterization and nondestructive testing

  • RF and Microwave Sensors

  • Artificial Dielectrics and Metamaterials

  • UWB Antennas

  • Microwave material processing

  • Electromagnetic scattering: direct and inverse problems

  • Design of Microwave Filters using the inverse scattering procedure

  • Electromagnetic modeling of metal powder compacts, specialized composites and meta-materials

  • Interaction of electromagnetic waves with biological tissues

  • Computational electromagnetics

Lab Setup

Lab Instruments




  • Vector Network Analyzer

  • Measurement with coaxial line connectors

  • Measurement of dielectric properties of materials over a wide frequency band

  • Waveguide measurements

  • Material testing

  • Microwave Imaging and Nondestructive Testing

  • RF & Microwave Filter Design

  • Digital Oscilloscope(4 Ghz, 20GSa/s)

  • Abhishek Jha

  • Zubair Akhter

  • Nilesh Kr. Tiwari

  • Ashutosh Kumar

  • Shaji M

  • Greeshmaja Govind

  • Binoy Krishna Barman

  • Susant Kumar Badi

  • Abhijit B.N.

  • Himangshu. B. Baskey

Dr. M J Akhtar
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