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Computing and Simulating facilities

  • IE3D: IE3D is a full-wave, method-of-moments based electromagnetic simulator which solves the current distribution on 3D and multilayer structures of general shape. It is used in the design of MMICs, RFICs, LTCC circuits, microwave/millimeter-wave circuits, IC interconnects and packages, HTS circuits, patch antennas, wire antennas, and other RF/wireless antennas.

  • WIPLD: WIPL-D is a software for Circuit and 3D EM Simulation for RF & Microwave Applications. WIPL-D is a frequency domain method of moments (MoM) code that enables very accurate and fast EM simulation of arbitrary 3D structures for predicting antenna performance (free space and in-situ) and radar cross section (RCS). WIPL-D employ higher order basis functions (HOBF) that allow for a great reduction (3 to 10 times) in the number of unknowns required to model a given problem.

  • HFSS: The HFSS stands for High Frequency Strucutre Simulator.HFSS is a high performance full wave electromagnetic (EM) field simulator for arbitrary 3D volumetric passive device modelling . It integrates simulation,visualization, solid modelling, and automation where solutions to the 3D EM problems are quickly and accurately obtained.HFSS can be used to calculate parameters such as S-Parameters,Resonant Frequency, and Fields. Its typical uses include:Package Modelling - BGA, QFP, Flip-Chip PCB Board Modelling - Power/ Ground planes, Mesh Grid Grounds,Backplanes, Silicon/GaAs-Spiral Inductors, Transformers, EMC/EMI - Mobile Communications - Patches, Dipoles, Horns, ConformalCell Phone Antennas, Quadrafilar Helix, Specific Absorption Rate ( SAR),Infinite Arrays, Radar Section (RCS), Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) Connectors - Coax, SFP/XFP, Backplane, Transitions? Waveguide - Filters, Resonators, Transitions, Couplers.


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