Anechoic Chamber


  • Anechoic Chamber was designed mainly for testing and characterizing of RFID systems under different environments and for performing RCS measurements.

  • The frequency range at which the equipment are handled is from 1.0 to 26.0 GHz.


Anechoic Chamber

  • Measurement of RF properties of antennas and tags is carried out in the Anechoic Chamber. The chamber has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of UHF RFID system components. We also use this chamber to carry out Antenna Measurements, Mono static/ Bi-static RCS Measurements, Near Field Measurements, Bore Sight Measurements, Radome Testing etc.


Lab Setup




  • Determining the relative and absolute gain measurements of antenna whose gain range from 0 dBi to +20 dBi .

  • RCS measurements are carried out in the chamber they include both monostatic and bistatic.

  • Azimuthal antenna pattern : 360 degree.

  • Bore sight measurements.

  • Random error measurements.

  • Quiet-Zone Volume Of RFID Activity:
    5.0m (L) X 3.0m (W) X 0.9m (H) centrally located length wise ,width wise and height wise.

  • Chamber Size:
    7.0m X 6.0m X 0.9m ( L X W X H ) ideally suitable for Bi-Static
    RCS Measurements/ RF1D activity total covered area =169.8 sq.m.

  • Sheilding effectiveness:
    Min. -50 dB at 1.0 GHz and min. -40 dB from 2.0 to 18.0 GHz.

  • Fire Retardancy of Absorbers:
    Per NRL-8093 standard complying Tests No : 1, 2 and 3 with ZERO HALOGEN MEANS.

  • Absorber performance:
    All the absorbers tested as per IEEE 1128-1998 by NRL Arch at 2.0 GHz and higher frequencies and in the closed waveguide system at 1.0 GHz.

  • Wave guide air vents.

  • Access panel.

  • Power line filter.

  • Distribution panel, Lightning, Grounding.

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