De-ionized Water Plant with Water testing equipment

(a) The De-ionized water Plant comprises of two Units, the CA-20 and the MB-25. Tap water first passes through the CA-20 plant which lowers the ppm value to 10ppm. This water then passes through the MB-25 plant, which makes the water de-ionized with 0 ppm and conductivity 0 μS/cm .  The meters measure in steps of 0, 10, 20, …1990 ppm or μS/cm.


dipix2(b) Water Testing equipment

  1. Oakton Instruments water-proof TDS tester. It can detect impurity of water from 0
  2. to 1990 ppm, with a resolution of 10ppm. It has an automatic temperature  compensation function.
  3. Oakton Instruments water-proof conductivity tester. It can detect conductivity from 0 to 1990 μS/cm, with a resolution of 10 μS/cm.
  4. pH value testing of the de-ionized water using Litmus paper.
  5. Testing of impurities in the de-ionized water using Chemical Setup, comprising of Silver nitrate and Nitric Acid.


This is an in-house facility and cannot be borrowed out of the Lab.

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Location :
Ion Beam Complex, NL-105,  Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur.
Contact :

Co-ordinator, IBC


Mr. S. Krishnasamy
Technical Superintendent, IBC
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Phone:  7986 / 6993