Vacuum annealing system [up to 1000℃]

The vacuum annealing system comprises of a cylindrical furnace with an Alumina tube of diameter 1.5” and length 12”, maintaining a PID controlled temperature from 120℃ to 1000℃.

The solid sample to be vacuum annealed is placed in a quartz tube of diameter 1.2” and evacuated to 1x10-6 mbar using a turbo-molecular pump, and then the quartz tube is inserted into the furnace for the desired annealing period.

This is an in-house facility and cannot be borrowed out of the Lab.

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Location :
Ion Beam Complex, NL-105, Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur.
Contact :
Co-ordinator, IBC

Mr. S. Krishnasamy
Technical Superintendent, IBC
( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
Phone: 7986 / 6993