Sorvall Sure-Spin 630 Ultra Centrifuge Rotor

Sorvall Sure Spin 630 is a swinging bucket rotor for ultracentrifugation applications. Many procedures like densitygradient based separations require a swinging bucket toachieve the best results. This rotor has comparatively longpath length and therefore centrifugation can be done for alonger period for better resolution.The Sure-spin 630 swinging bucket rotor is supplied with two interchangeable sets of buckets which can be used for a variety of applications. The 17 and 36 ml buckets are relatively long and skinny, making them ideal for rate zonal runs. The unique top loading design allows the operator to load samples with unprecedented ease.


  • Protein interactions

  • Isolation of RNA, Ribosome

  • Isolation of viruses

  • Pelleting protocols for immune complexes, DNA, certain viruses, and subcellular
    organelles or glycoproteins

  • Separation of organelles

  • Separation of mRNA, DNA

  • Cell synchronization

  • Protein isolation

  • Nucleic acid isolation


Department of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. S. Sundar Kumar Iyer

Figure 1