Research Goniometer for Static and Dynamic Light Scattering Analyses

In static light scattering, intensity of the scattered light is measured by a detector at different angles. The angle at which the intensity of the light is measured gives the length scale probed by the instrument. In a dynamic light scattering measurement, the time-dependent fluctuations in the scattered light are measured by a fast photon counter. The fluctuations are directly related to the rate of diffusion of the molecule through the solvent. Therefore, the fluctuations can be analyzed to determine a hydrodynamic radius for the sample.


1. In the static light scattering mode, time-averaged intensity measurements are made - at either fixed or variable angles - in the range from 8° to 155° and analyzed with software provided for the methods of Zimm, Berry, Debye, Guinier, Kratky etc. Such evaluations using measured angular or concentration dependencies of the intensity of the scattered light provide key information for those interested in the such topics as:

i) Mw Molecular weight determinations
ii) Rg Radius of gyration
iii) A2 Determination of second virial coefficient
iv) Micro-emulsion technology
v) Colloid behavior
vi) Complex fluid characterization
vii) Emulsion polymerization
viii) Particle size growth
ix) Nucleation processes

2. In dynamics light scattering, intensity fluctuations (dynamics) of the scattered light arise from the fact that the scattering particles are undergoing Brownian motion. From these dynamic light scattering measurement many interesting subjects may be explored, among them:

i) Particle size distributions
ii) Particle aggregation phenomena
iii) Micellar systems
iv) Micro-emulsion technology
v) Colloid behavior
vi) Vesicles & lipisomes
vii) Plasmid DNA's
viii) Particle size growth
ix) Nucleation processes & protein crystallization

Cost of the equipment:

USD 63,725


Southern Laboratories SL 114,Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Yogesh M Joshi

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