iCAP 6300 ICP Spectrometer

The use of Inductively Coupled Plasma source (ICP) and Atomic Absorption (AA) are the accepted and most powerful techniques for the analysis of and quantification of trace elements in both solid and liquid samples. Applications range from routine environmental analyses to the materials industry, geological applications to clinical research and from the food industry to the semiconductor industry. The iCAP 6300-Duo can simultaneously detect 66 Elements with detection limits less than 1μg/L. The plasma is easier to ignite and can operate with a much wider range of sample types. The Duo instrument provides flexibility, with extreme detection limits achievable in axial mode and reduced interference in Radial mode.

Technical Specification



Echelle type


52.91 grooves/mm ruled grating


383 mm effective focal length


9.5 0UV fused silica cross dispersion prism

Wavelength range          

166 – 847 nm

Spectral bandpass          

7 pm at 200 nm


High performance CID86 Chip

RF source

27.12 MHz solid state


750 – 1500 watts output power


(Duo restricted to 1350 watts)

Sample Pump 

3 – channel, 12 roller peristaltic.


Speed 0 -125 rpm

Plasma gas

Fixed 12 L/min, argon

Nebulizer gas

Pressure control, form 0 - 0.4 Mpd

Auxiliary gas 

4 fixed flows, 0, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 L/min

Standard sampling kit  

Concentric glass nebulizer


Glass cyclone spray chamber


Semi – demountable torch


1.5 mm bore quartz injector (radial version)


2 mm bore quartz injector (Duo version)


840 W*  750 D *590 H


Department of Civil Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Tarun Gupta,

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