Leica CM 1900 Cryostat

Leica CM1900- configuration 4 with cryochamber and specimen cooling with specimen retraction and specimen orientation. Freestanding cryostat with encapsulated, spash proof microtome. Single-screw locking system for direct fitting of specimen discs. Twin Compressor cooling system for cryochamber and specimen head. Cryochamber temperature setting between 0 and -35 C.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating voltage 230V\50Hz, Section thickness continuously adjustable from 1 to 60 micrometers, total vertical stroke approx. 60mm, total horizontal specimen feed approx. 25mm, motorized coarse feed at 0.8mm/s speed, LED display for cryochamber and specimen head temperature, actual time, defrost time, visual indication of specimen stop position, Cryochamber temperature setting between 0 and -35 C, specimen temperature control between -10 and -50C

  • 360o manually rotatable λ/2 plate achromatic for wavelength 450 to 700nm, Polarization filter wheel for X1 port.


Biomedical Optics and Spectroscopy Laboratory, SL-111, Department of Physics
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Asima Pradhan
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Figure 1