Upgradation for Raman System


The micro-Raman facility consists of a 5watt Argon-ionlaser, triplemate spectrometer system (1877E), PMT and liquid nitrogen cooled CCD detectors, all of which interfaced to a computer (System is almost 20 years old). The upgradation of the data acquisition system to the present state of interfacing with Pentium 4 computer, a new CCD controller and PMT high voltage supply have been obtained through the CARE grant.

Technical Specifications:

  • Two Spex 232/488 Retro RS232 and IEEE-4888 two way interface. RS232 is a 25 pin Standard Rs-232 null modem cable that is connected to spectrometer controller to the computer.

  • SAQ-302DPM, SpectrAcq2 Data Acquisition System: Gain Range 1,10,100 and 1000 X, Input voltage range +\-10, 1, 0.1, 0.01Volts, Maximum signal 10micro Amps/10 Volts, ADC resolution 16 Bits, Voltage supply +\-15V.

  • PMT-HVPS, Stand alone high voltage Power Supply: Output Voltage 0 to -2000V DC, maximum output current 1mA, ripple noise 30mV peak to peak, input line voltage 24V DC.

  • Labspec windows based software along with Pentium 4 PC: Computer with 256 MB of RAM, 80GB Hard disk with Pentium 4 processor with a Labspec windows based software to control Raman System.

  • One Nitrogen cooled CCD: Typical sensor operating temperature -133 oC, optical distance from sensor to front flange 0.791mm.


Biomedical Optics and Spectroscopy Laboratory, Sl-111, Department of Physics,
IIT Kanpur


Dr. Asima Pradhan

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