Virtually-Instrumented Polymerization Reactor with on-line Optimal Control Facility

In the virtually instrumented, 1-liter Parr reactor set-up, the temperature and power-input to a constant speed agitator motor, are measured/recorded continuously as the polymerization (of methyl-methacrylate; MMA) takes place. The polymerization can be carried out at almost any desired set-point temperature history. The ‘state’ of the system (namely, the monomer conversion and the weight-average molecular weight) can be estimated on-line using the soft-sensors developed in the lab. On-line model adaptation and on-line optimal control for this system have also been carried out.Other systems can be/are being studied.

Technical Specifications:

1 liter SS Parr reactor with magnetic stirrer and motor-speed control, and relevant virtual instrumentation units.


Northern Lab-II, Room 302 Department of Chemistry,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Santosh K. Gupta

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Figure 1