Radian Precision Premier II: Ferroelectric Tester

This instrument specializes in characterizing ferroelectric and multiferroic materials for both thin films and bulk structures. Ac electrical characterizations such as P-E, J-E, and polarization fatigue measurements can be performed.

Unique Features:


  1. Polarization versus applied field (P-E)
  2. Polarization as a function of switching cycle (Fatigue)
  3. A.C. current versus voltage (J-E)

Measurement range:

Applied Voltage: 0-99 V (Thin Film)

0-4000 V (Bulk)

Temperature: Room Temperature- 120 K

Frequency: 1-100 kHz

Data acquisition:

All the above measurements are run on specialized software “Vision”. Runtime plodata can be imported to either .txt or .excel formats.

Sample requirement:

Thin film: ferroelectric and multiferroic thin films can be subjected for analysis.Films   should contain both bottom and top electrodes.

Bulk: sample should contain both top and bottom electrodes. Sample thickness should be typically less than 1mm.


Department Of Materials Science & Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof.Ashish Garg

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Figure 1