Multilayer PCB Press Machine

For fabricating multilayer PCB we have to first fabricate corresponding number of double sided PCBs.

For 4 layer PCB we have to first fabricate two double layer PCBs. Similarly for 6 layer PCB, 3 double layer PCBs are to be fabricated.

These double layer pcbs are sandwiched one over another exactly with oxidizing agent between them. Then it is inserted in multilayer press machine. It has control unit for pneumatic pressure supply, press plates and heaters. The unit is controlled by two digital and adjustable thermostats, one digital timer as well as a pressure valve with pressure meter. Two strong air ventilators activated automatically during cooling cycle.

After complete curing and cooling of pcb, the pcb is taken out from the press machine and it is subjected for masking and legend printing as per requirement


PCB Fabrication Laboratory, of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Shyama Prasad Das

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