Partial Discharge Detector and Analyser


The Partial Discharge Detector and Analyser is available at Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. This facility is currently installed in High Voltage Laboratory. The measurement of partial discharges constitutes an important non-destructive test to gauge the condition of electrical insulation in electrical apparatus.

Unique Features:

The partial discharge intensity is measured in Pico-coulombs (pC) or, alternatively, radio interference voltage (RIV) in microvolts (μV). The partial discharge/RIV measuring system consists of, Partial discharge meter (Type DTM) which is the basic measuring unit with built-in oscilloscope. It has provisions for direct measurement as well as bridge measurement. The basic noise level of the instrument is less than 0.6 pC in the most sensitive measuring range. The measuring accuracy and linearity correspond to IEC 60 270 and IS 6209. The partial discharge intensity measurement ranges from 2 pC to 50,000 pC (IEC 60 270) and radio interference voltage measurement ranges from 1 V to 25,000 mV (VDE, CISPR).


High Voltage Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof.Nandini Gupta

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