NT-1100 WYKO Optical Profiler


3-dimensional images of surfaces and structures, Two measurement techniques: vertical scanning interferometry (VSI, rough samples) and phase shift shift interferometry (PSI, smooth samples), Vertical resolution better than 1 nm and horizontal resolution better than 400 nm, Objectives of 5x and 50x, intermediate lenses of 0.5x, 1x and 2x. The combination of both allows us to measure surfaces areas from 1mm2 to 60mm2. Working principle: White light interferometric microscopy.

Special features:

Basic System Consist of with the following standard components: (1) NT1100 stand with course focus adjustment, (2) 1mm scan range, (3) Dell Pentium PC with Windows XP, (4) 1x FOV lens, (5) Alignment FOV lens, (6) Integrated 5" live video monitor, (7) 30 fps high speed camera, (8) Vision software platform.



Optoelectronics Laboratory,Department of Electrical Engineering,

IIT Kanpur


Prof.Utpal Das      

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