Oxford Plasma ICP Etching System. (Plasmalab80 plus)


The Plasmalab80Plus is ideally suited to R&D or small-scale production, with 240 mm diameter table allowing 200 mm (8”) wafer or 9 x 50 mm (2”) batch capacity. The open-load design allows fast wafer loading and unloading, ideal for research, prototyping and low-volume production. ICP-RIE cryo process. The electrostatic shield design in the Plasmalab80Plus ICP configuration avoids energetic ion bombardment and capacitive coupling, providing low substrate damage, with long life for the ICP tube and reduced maintenance. The Chemistry used at present is Methane + Hydrogen + Argon with Oxygen for cleaning.

Special features:

On the Plasmalab80Plus, substrate backside cooling, for optimum temperature control is done by a chiller at 20C


Optoelectronics Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering,

IIT Kanpur


Prof.Utpal Das      

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