Laser Micromachining


The laser micromachining (LMM) equipment can be used for engraving and creating micro-features in metallic substrates. The parts to be removed are locally vaporized using Nd:YAG laser and that vapor can be sucked with a vacuum pump. The laser micromachining equipment (V3+, laservall, Italy) is established in the Western Lab from a DST grant for the micro-fabrication lab.

Basic Principle:

The basic principle is similar to that of laser spot welding. The only difference is that in this equipment the mirror 3 and lens 4 are moved in such a way that the spot 5 can be moved to the required position.

Unique Features:

Features ranging from 50 μm to 1mm can be created very easily. The shapes that are difficult to manufacture using conventional machining can be created easily using LMM equipment.


Department of Chemical Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Deepak Kunzru

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