Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE) System


The Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) system was procured in 2009 with financial support from IIT Kanpur. This enables making structures in silicon, and is housed in the Centre for Environment Sciences and Engineering.

Unique Features:

 An inductively coupled plasma (Figure 1) results in generation of ions and radicals which play a role in etching silicon and maintaining the required profile. The process feed gases include SF and Fluorine 6radicals and ions from SF react with the silicon surface to form volatile SiFx species and are responsible for etching. 6As the isotropic nature of the fluorine radicals would result in an isotropic etch profile, the polymerizability of CF is 48used. The radicals generated from CF deposit on the silicon surface and while the sidewalls are protected from 48lateral etch, the subsequent directional F ions remove these from the etch front for subsequent etch propagation. In the system, SF and CF are pulsed alternately into the reaction chamber which enables anisotropic etched profiles.


Center for Environmental Science and Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Siddhartha Panda

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