NMR (400 Mhz) Spectrometer

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy is vital for both organic and inorganic chemists for structure elucidation on a routine basis and to follow reactions and dynamic chemical events on a real time scale. The state-of-the-art JEOL 400 MHz spectrometer, funded by IRPHA-DST in 1998, was installed in the Department of Chemistry during March 1999. Through CARE funding from IIT Kanpur, the machine was equipped with an auto-sampler in 2005. This augmentation has facilitated the use of the machine round the clock. On average, 60-80 spectra/day have been recorded since its installation. The facility has been of tremendous utility for well over 100 research students working in diverse areas of organic and inorganic chemistry within the department as well as others within and outside of IITK, for example HBTI, Gorakhpur University, DRDO Labs etc. .

Unique features:

  1. The autotune function allows tuning of various frequencies with a computer control. This facilitates a variety of NMR-active nuclei such as 1H, 13C, 19F in distinct chemical environments to be probed without any time delay.

  2. Because of high resolution, a number of 2- and 3-dimensional NMR spectral acquisition can be readily carried out.

  3. The low-temperature accessory permits variable-temperature (VT) NMR studies to be performed. d) The high resolution allows a variety of magnetic measurements to be performed.


Core Labs, Department of Chemistry,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. J. N. Moorthy

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