Advanced Topometric Optical Sensor (ATOS)


Computer-aided techniques like CAD, CAM and FEM require an efficient coordinate measuring technique in order to achieve exact correspondence between numerical model and real component.

Using the digitizing system ATOS (Advanced Topometric Sensor), an object can be measured in a short time and with high local resolution. Each single measurement generates up to 1.3 million data points. The individual measurements are merged into a project and the measured data can be exported as point clouds, sections or STL-data. Additional hardware, such as mechanical measuring machines, translation units or robots, is not required.


  • Simple operation:

The user can concentrate on the digitizing progress as all the transformations are performed automatically by the system.

  • Flexibility:

The same sensor (ATOS XL) is capable of measuring small and large objects (10mm up to 10m).

  • High detail resolution:

Due to the high point density, details of the component can be depicted precisely. The accuracy of the measured data is comparable to that of single frame coordinate measuring machines.

  • Mobility

The system can be transported in two flight cases (part of the standard equipment) by car or plane



CAD Lab, Department.of Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Kanpur