Artec MHT™ 3D Scanner

The Artec MHT scanner captures brilliant color at up to 24 bits per pixel. That means that the resulting texture is of great quality similar to a modern video camera. This model is perfect for designers, movie makers and animators. Also, this is a great tool for those in the heritage preservation industry, because capturing the enchanting coloring of a clay pot from ancient Greece is just as important as capturing its shape. This is the appropriate choice for those that need to not only acquire 3D data, but the color of the object as well.

Heritage Preservation

Artec 3D Scanners are portable, phenomenally quick and can be used with objects of various sizes. There’s no need to move scanned items or to place markers on the object. These are the advantages that make our 3D Scanners an indispensable tool in the preservation of the world’s cultural heritage.


Restoration of interiors and entire buildings means reproducing missing features of the decor. This means obtaining exact 3D copies of features of sculpture, architecture, stucco ornaments or fragments of antique furniture. Artec 3D Scanners enable users to carry out these tasks with ease and concentrate on producing the items needed in order to restore the original look.

Archives and catalogues

The Artec 3D Scanner can be used to make copies of items found in the course of archaeological or palaeontological work, such as fragments of ceramics or bone. This means databases can be set up and made accessible to researchers.


CAD Lab, Department.of Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Kanpur