Vacuum Induction Melting Unit

Induction heating is a process wherein induced eddy currents heat conductive materials. This heating can be used to melt metals and make alloys. Vacuum Induction melting offers an attractive combination of a controlled atmosphere (vacuum or inert gas) and precise control on the melting process. The induction melting facility (Figure 1) was established in the Symmetry Lab (WL-207, Materials Science and Engineering) in 2009 with initiation and special grants from the Institute.

Unique Features:

Depending on the inductive coupling of the coil with the charge materials, the induction furnace can go to a temperature of 1800ºC or more. About 100 g of metals can be melted at a time. There are three main parts to the system: chiller, power unit and vacuum unit. The vacuum unit with rotary and diffusion pumps can attain a vacuum of 106 m bar. The power can deliver a maximum power of 15 kW.


Symmetry Lab (WL-207),
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Anandh Subramaniam,

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