Sputtering/PECVD Dual System


Sputtering is an important technique of deposition of thin films using Argon and other inert gas plasma created within the right chamber of the shown equipment. The other chamber is a PECVD tool (left chamber which is used to create material films on a substrate. In a PECVD process, gaseous reactants are introduced into a reaction chamber and a plasma is created out of the reactants. Reactions occur on heated substrate surfaces, resulting in deposition of the solid product. Other gaseous reaction products leave the chamber. The gas that carries the reactants is called carrier gas. The PECVD process have a part of their energy delivered by the momentum transfer by the ions in plasma; thus lower substrate temperature is needed, typically of the order of 100-300 deg. C.

The PECVD at this time is in need for a Silane system which is very important for feeding the reactants which would react to formulate material films.


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