Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory


The Microsystems laboratory has been commissioned within the Department of Mechanical  Engineering in the year 2009-2010  by the financial support provided by the institute CARE program and through the external merit based funding that has been obtained by the Principle investigator and Co-PI of this CARE proposal. The laboratory has been commissioned with the following vision:

Vision of the Laboratory:

Our Long term vision is to establish a working micro-engineering center for excellence in functional micro-scale prototypes. The goal is to promote basic MEMS research and training, developing MEMS sensor modules for commercial and futuristic applications, generate resources for the institute through grant proposals, sale of patented technologies and developing MEMS educational modules. The bigger objective of this center is to develop the 21st century engineering and technical task force who would take up the technological challenges of the future decades


NET building, Department.of Mechanical Engineering

IIT Kanpur



Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya

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