Contact Angle Tensiometer Facility


Model OCA EC15 from Data Physics, GmbH, Germany

Surface properties such as wetting behavior, surface free energy and its polar and dispersion components significantly affect the end use of the material in numerous ways. Some of the examples are hydrophobicity ND hydrophilicity of implanted material that affect cell adhesion, surface energy that affects spreading of liquid ink in printable electronics, adsorption behavior of packaging material in food packaging industry, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the surface properties of engineering material.


Dosing volume up to 0.1μl; Temperature variation (5-90°C); Advancing and receding contact angle measurement (-20 to 70°); OCA 23 software equipped with surface energy calculation; Large database of scientific liquids; adsorption rate of liquid on specimen; contact angle between two immiscible liquids.


Biomaterials Processing & Characterization Laboratory (behind Western Laboratories)
IIT Kanpur


Prof. Kantesh Balani,

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