Dynamic High-Resolution Polarized Inverted Laser Confocal Fluroscence Microscopy


Procures in the Financial Year: 2010-11

  1. Inverted Microscope

  2. Confocal and reflected mode operation

  3. Individually controllable continuous wave lasers

    • Ar, 65mW: 458, 476, 488, 514 nm;

    • HeNe, 20 mW: 543: Green

    • HeNe, 2 mW: 633: Red

  4. Multi-dimensional image capture in Space (X,Y,Z) and time (t)

  5. Conventional scanning at 5 FPS at 512 X 512 pixels to 54 fps at 512 x 16 pixels

  6. Typical resolution in X, Y : 200 nanometers

  7. Maximum depth of view Z (depends on the objective): about 1000 microns

  8. Three channel Spectrometer detector for high quality spectral image series

  9. Polarizer-Analyzer Attachment


Micro-fabrication Laboratory, NL-1, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Kanpur


Prof. P.K. Panigrahi
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