Dr. Pravin Bhagwat


Dr. Pravin Bhagwat is a pioneer in wireless networking. He is an accomplished researcher and an enterprising entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CTO of AirTight Networks, a wireless networking startup based in the US and India. Dr. Bhagwat has led the technology development and research at Mojo Networks (formerly called AirTight Networks).


Dr. Bhagwat did his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1990. He went on to earn his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland College Park in 1995. Before being an entrepreneur, he was a lead researcher at AT&T Research and the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, New York. There he worked on several wireless technology innovation projects that led to the creation of novel products and standards. He was the chief architect of BlueSky, an indoor wireless networking system for palmtop computers, and is the inventor of TCP splicing, a technique for building fast application-layer proxies. He is currently the co-founder of 14 Trees Foundation which is a charitable organization dedicated to building sustainable, carbon-footprint-neutral eco-systems through reforestation. He is the recipient of the prestigious IITK Distinguished Alumnus Award 2019.