Yadupati Singhania Memorial Chair

Late Mr. Yadupati Singhania (BT/CE/1977) was an eminent industrialist known for setting up the J.K Cement Ltd. in India. Under Late Mr. Singhania's leadership, JK Cement recorded various accomplishments, positioning itself as a premier contributor in the cement industry. In over 30 years of service to the country, he built six cement plants across India in Nimbahera, Mangrol, Gotan (all in Rajasthan), Mudhol (Karnataka), Jhajjar (Haryana) and Katni (Madhya Pradesh), generating direct and indirect employment for several thousands.

Late Shri Yadupati Ji was a visionary who brought an industrial revolution in India and this stemmed from his deep-rooted nationalism. He was not only a businessman, also a philanthropist. IIT Kanpur is blessed to have had him as its alumnus. He did his under graduation from IITK and it is worth mentioning that Yadupati Ji never forgot his Alma mater. He maintained strong ties and generously gave back to the institute. His contributions in instituting C.V. Seshadri Chair and generous donation toward Spice Macay National Convention among many others is worth mentioning and the institute is forever indebted to him. It is this innate humanity of Yadupati Ji that IITK was honored to have him awarded with the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

J.K. Cotton Limited instituted Yadupati Singhania Memorial Chair that is open to any of the Engineering Departments.

Current Occupant

Prof. Kantesh Balani

April 2022- April 2025

Prof. Kantesh Balani , Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) , research interests include multi-functional biomaterials, nanomechanics and nanotribology of bio/nanocomposites, coatings, synthesis and processing of polymeric/ceramic nanocomposites, ultra-high temperature ceramics, and energy materials.

He is recipient of several fellowships and prestigious awards such as Class of 2021 Fellow by ASM International (FASM), Fellow Indian National Academy of Engineering (FNAE) 2021, Fellow National Academy of Science India (FNASc) 2021, 2018 ASM-IIM Visiting Lecturer award by ASM International, USA, prestigious Swarnajayanti Fellowship 2016-17 by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, Metallurgist of the Year 2016 (Metal Science) by Ministry of Steels, Govt. of India, Young Scientist Award 2014 by Centre for Education Growth and Research, IEI Young Engineer Award (2013-14) by The Institution of Engineers (India) in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering discipline, 2013 P.K. Kelkar Research Fellowship, 2012 TMS Young Leader Professional Development Award by Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division, Materials Science and Engineering C Young Researcher Award 2011 by Elsevier, Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award 2010 by National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI), Young Engineer Award 2010 by INAE, Young Metallurgist Award 2010 from Ministry of Steels and Mines, Govt. of India, Young Scientist Award in Materials Science division by Indian Science Congress Association 2009, R.L. Thakur Memorial Prize 2009 (Indian Ceramics Association), David Merchant International Student Achievement Award 2007, Arthur E. Focke LeaderShape Award 2004, RCTF (Research Challenge Trust Fund) Fellowship 2002, Sudarshan Bhat Memorial Prize and S. Anantharamakrishnan Memorial Prize 2001, and Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Scholarship 2001. He earned his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Florida International University, Miami, FL, in 2007.