The software developed by IIT Kanpur. It is the open platform of learning. It is the java servlets based content delivery system. Administrator(admin) is the main authority of Brihaspati. The software is free of cost. We can enter in to Brihaspati as a student, instructor & admin mode.Guest can enter direct to Brihaspati but the instructor & student account is created by the admin. Brihaspati provides the features of glossary, calculator The login & password of guest is guest. Every instructor is independent to register student in their specified course. Instructor & student have their unique password of login. Brihaspati gave full freedom both to the instructor & Student to come in contact with each other through Mail, chat etc


Brihaspati3 - Use when accessing from inside IITK. This server is accessible only from NKN, Ernet and NICnet.

For test server visit Brihaspati-3 @Ernet, IITK

Login - guest 
Password - guest