How to reach the department


Arrival by AIR: When coming to Kanpur by air we strongly recommend to fly to Lucknow Airport (LKO) and not to Kanpur airport. Major international flights are either to New Delhi or to Mumbai and from there flights are regularly available to Lucknow. Lucknow airport is located about 80 kms from IIT Kanpur. The travel time between Lucknow airport and IIT Kanpur is about two hours. If you are planning to visit us please ensure that a taxi is booked through our department office. We strongly recommend not using any unauthorized taxi services from Lucknow airport.



Arrival by TRAIN: Kanpur is well connected to all major northern cities in India via train. Several express trains including Sathabdhi, Rajadhani from major cities like Lucknow, New Delhi, Kolkata, Kharaghpur are passing through Kanpur. The stop is Kanpur Central.